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SOUND GUARD Soundproof Underlayment

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Advanced Soundproof and Moisture Control

The SoundGuard is one of the most advanced underlayments in the current market. With the highest American-Certified test ratings in both the Impact Insulation Class (IIC) and the Sound Transmission Class (STC), the SoundGuard is the definite solution for Laminate Floors.

It also works as a Moisture Barrier that protects your Laminate Floors from the humidity found on the sub-floor.


The black rubber on the back of the SoundGuard prevents the build up of mold underneath your floor, which means there will be less microbes around your house.


The new SoundGuard is engineered for maximun durabilty. It features a revolutionary Closed-Cell Structure which provides the best soundproofing posible.

Moisture Barrier

The unique composition and construction of  the SoundGuard also provides it with Moisture Barrier qualities, normally not found in Laminate Underlayment.

Memory Retention

The SoundGuard is made with the finest materials and under the best quality controls, what gives it the ability to adapt to minor irregularities on the sub-floor.

Technical Specifications


3 mm. 

Pieces / Pallet

 64 Rolls

Sq.Ft. / Roll

100 Sq.Ft.

Sq.Ft. / Pallet

6400 Sq.Ft.

Weight / Roll

8 Lbs.

Weight / Pallet

512 Lbs.

Silver Guard



200 sf./per Roll

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